Food Storage Planner 7

Establish a plan, identify your household members and plan for their needs.

Track your pantry, tracks your items purchased and used, totals your calories, and tells you what that means.

  • Plan
  • Track Pantry Inventory
  • Timespan Report
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Sync Devices
  • Works Offline
  • 3 Months Storage
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Available Product Data
  • Product Images
  • All free features plus
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Available Product Data
  • Product Images
  •       Monthly  @ $ 6.97
          Yearly   @ $25.97
          Lifetime @ $49.97 

    This is a new kind of software, it is both a web app and a locally install-able program. It is also not primarily centered around the mobile stores and no immediate plans to release within them.

    We've made offline functionality a top priority so it retains shrink-wrap-software qualities while leveraging a modern technology stack to work on various devices. Our primary design goal is that the core of this will work well even when the network is down indefinitely. Secondarily we want the convenience of the modern cloud connected world in ease of access and using synchronized shared data store.

    We have succeeded in these primary goals.