Food Storage Planner 5.0

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Best-selling software Food Storage Planner helps you determine how much you need and helps you organize it. Now free! Runs on Windows 7 or less.
Family Customization
  • Calculates exactly what you need for your family's food and equipment storage. Fully customizable for specific individual needs, gender, and age, such as diapers, allergies, toiletries, etc.
  • Plan for any time period. Start with 1 week, then 2 months, 6 months, and so forth.
  • Convert bulk items in #10 cans, Mylar® bags, or buckets with the Weights and Measures converter.

"Supermarket" and Pantry
  • More than 1000 items are in our "Supermarket," placed in "Aisles" just like they do at your corner grocery store. Each item has a color- coded priority of Survival, Standard, or Luxury--so you'll know which things are more important. If you're just starting out, getting your Survival level first insures you won't go hungry! Add your own items or delete any pre-entered items. Change item shelf-lives, enter your local price, change Priority, etc.

Recipes and Menu Planning
  • More than 250 recipes to cook with your storage. Add your own.
  • Link recipe ingredients to items in your pantry so you know what you can fix for dinner based upon your storage.
  • Menu Planning and Monthly Menu Plan with Ingredient Summary. Find out how many times you can make that recipe with what you have in the pantry. FSP prints out an ingredients needs list for you to use as a shopping list.

Powerful Reports
  • Pantry List. This report tracks your inventory of what you have and how much is left to buy.
  • Rotation. Enter purchases as you go along and this report tracks expiration dates to keep your storage rotated and fresh.
  • Shopping List. Shows you what you need to buy, you just tell the report how much you have to spend.
  • Summary. Everything in the Supermarket and Pantry.
  • Export, Import, do intelligent searches, and print custom reports.
  • Label Printer. Print labels to place on your stored goods for rotation.