My Pedigree Page LogoMy Pedigree Page
My Pedigree Page is a new system for tracking animal breeds. It is loosely based upon our previous product, Longhorn Library, except that it has been generalized and can accomodate any breed. It allows animal owners to display their animals with accompanying information, including a complete pedigree. This is still a work in progress, especially with the large scope of the anticipated final product. This system uses a node.js and mongo based backend with a Quasar front end. It has an accompanying WordPress plugin for owners who want the same display and showing off features on their own promotional web sites.
Screen Shot of My Pedigree Page
Utah ID Demo LogoUtah ID Demo
The Utah ID Demo is a proof of concept mobile driver's license system built for the State of Utah using full encryption and signing for id verification. The system is not public, but if you wish for a live demo please email Sharp Software at and you will be placed on the allowed tester list. It is on Android only for now and has a node.js backend.
Screen Shot of Utah ID Demo


ReadyMed is a match making site for medical coding freelancers and medical professionals. Written for AAPC. It uses an Angular front end, node.js backend via rest and with Mongodb and Neo4j as the database pair. It lives on AWS and also has an Ionic mobile app port.
Screen Shot of Ready Med
Longhorn Library LogoLonghorn Library
Longhorn Library App is primarily a means of showing off longhorn animals and a pedigree browser. It features responsive design to various screen sizes and features two separate layouts for the screen size. It is both a web site, android app, and a wordpress plugin complete with short code. Sharp Software created both the backend and the front end for this, the backend features 105k animals and has approximately 65 GBs of images. The front end is written in Vue.js.
Screen Shot of Longhorn Library
Food Storage Planner LogoFood Storage Planner
Food Storage Planner is pantry management software. Written to help people manage food storage for community emergencies. The latest web application was written by Sharp Software. It is a Single Page App that is written in Meteor using Blaze (like Handlebars) templating. The backend is rather complex, involving various services to find barcodes index, product images, and product data from various 3rd party services. It keeps local copies of all this information to limit API hits where possible. Mongodb is used for the Meteor data, mysql and redis are used for maintaining the API cache and product data.
Screen Shot of Food Storage Planner
Ult Calt LogoUlt Calt
Ult Calc is a calculator. Written by Sharp Software for public use and is currently in an early release. It features algebraic mode as well as reverse polish notation or postfix notation. It uses the flexible mathjs lib on the backend so you may define your own functions and program it. It uses a Vue front end as a single page app with no backend to speak of yet. It comes as a webpage, a progressive web app. An android release has recently been published.
Screen Shot of Ult Calt
Glass Cabinet LogoGlass Cabinet
Glass Cabinet is an internet filter/router. Written for our own use, it is still under development and is not a public product yet. It uses a Vue front end, node.js backend with Feathers over REST and as the communication layer for live updates. The backend data management is in nedb. It lives on an arm based Raspberry PI 3b and has a tight integration with the network layer, including an IP DNS filter that can be customized per IP.
Screen Shot of Glass Cabinet
ScribblePaint LogoScribblePaint
ScribblePaint is a Progressive Web App. Written by Sharp Software for public use. It features a calming suite of pictures with filters atop them that can be 'scribbled' away to reveal the real picture underneath.
Screen Shot of ScribblePaint